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Why Continuous Drupal Website Maintenance and Updates Are Important

Finally, your website is up and running after the web development process is over. It might look like you no longer need to consider the tech part of your online business. Actually, it is not. Any website, either built on Drupal or any other CMS or framework, needs ongoing support and maintenance. If left without continuous maintenance, a web platform would pile up with bugs, security vulnerabilities, errors, hacker attacks, and even data leaks.

To remain powerful and offer flawless operation, a Drupal website requires continuous website maintenance and regular updates. In this blog post, the Drupal web development team at Drupfan explains what web maintenance is and why you should consider it as an ongoing routine.

What is Drupal Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance is a process that includes regular website checkups & updates in order to keep it bug-free, high-performing, and up-to-date. Thus, your website will offer the users a positive user experience and improved customer satisfaction rates.

Why Do Websites Need Continuous Maintenance?

Regular updates and site monitoring are a guarantee that your online business will run smoothly. What’s more, Drupal is continuously evolving, offering new improvements and updates regularly. It is crucial to keep up with the updates offered by the Drupal community (such as Drupal migration or update, modules updates, security patches, etc.), as they directly influence website operation, performance, security, and more.

Why Continuous Drupal Website Maintenance and Updates Are Important

Here, web developers from Drupfan highlight the key features of continuous Drupal maintenance:

  • Regular Drupal updates (which include Drupal’s version, module, themes, security, etc.)
  • 24/7 website monitoring & status report checkups
  • Caching audits
  • Bug fixing
  • Website backups 
  • Protection against hacker attacks and malicious code injections
  • Search engine optimization and regular SEO fine-tuning
  • Performance monitoring
  • Search for broken links and broken redirects

As you see, neglected website monitoring & maintenance influences numerous aspects, including but not limited to security, performance, SEO, and data.

How to Maintain a Drupal Website?

Maintaining a digital platform requires careful planning and a special approach. Website support & maintenance tasks can be divided into those performed weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Weekly Drupal Maintenance Checklist

  • Scan for malware code injections and security vulnerabilities.

  • Apply security patches if there are any.
  • Monitor website uptime & performance.
  • Do website backups.
  • Test interactive functionality.
  • Test all forms (contact forms, order forms, registration forms).
  • Moderate content, remove spam/bot comments, registrations, etc.
  • Check the platform for broken links and broken redirects.
  • Update time-sensitive content.

Monthly Drupal Maintenance Checklist

  • Update Drupal modules and themes (if available).

  • Optimize the website database.

  • Optimize website performance.

  • Test the website across multiple devices.

  • Review the website analytics and optimize points as required.
  • Review the website content for relevancy.
  • Renew ads if any.

Yearly Drupal Maintenance Checklist

  • Update the Drupal version if a new version is released.

  • Renew the website domain (if purchased for a year) & hosting package.

  • Review the XML sitemap for relevance.

  • Update functionality and features if necessary.

  • Remove outdated content.

  • Update year reference to the current year.

Regular Drupal website maintenance and support guarantee a smooth site operation, enhanced user experience, optimized loading speed, and search engine optimization. The checklist mentioned above can be modified based on the website’s functionality, size, and complexity.

Partner with Drupfan for Reliable Drupal Maintenance Services

As you can see from this blog post, Drupal website maintenance & support is an ongoing process that requires a lot of time and effort. To ensure smooth and flawless Drupal maintenance, it is crucial to partner with a reliable web development agency. Here at Drupfan, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch digital solutions based on your unique business vision, needs, and requirements.

Talking about Drupal maintenance services, costs differ based on the website’s size and complexity, as well as on the package you choose. We offer website support and maintenance services for various needs, from basic updates and bug fixing to advanced website audits and functionality implementations. Our Drupal maintenance services are designed to be flexible, allowing our clients to choose the best option based on their objectives, time, and budget.

Contact Drupfan today to discuss your project and decide on the Drupal maintenance plan suitable for your needs. Whether you own a small business or a large enterprise, Drupfan specialists are available 24/7 to get you covered.