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Why Choose Drupal for Mobile App Development

Drupal is not only a robust content management system for website development & content management but also an excellent tool for mobile app development. Although Drupal has gained recognition as a mobile app development platform recently, its main feature of content management provides a well-established ecosystem that can benefit mobile solutions.

Drupal development is not limited to websites. In this blog post, Drupfan experts explain how Drupal can advantage mobile app development and boost your business.

An illustration showcasing Drupal's role in mobile app development.

Advantages of Drupal for Mobile App Development

Here, the team at Drupfan outlines the key advantages of using Drupal for the development of mobile applications.

  1. Full administrative control. Drupal offers an ability for administrative control of the application at an intuitive and user-friendly level. With customization of user roles and permissions, website owners can easily manage access within mobile apps.
  2. High level of performance. Out-of-the-box Drupal is optimized for fast performance which can be even increased and fine-tuned with the help of special techniques or modules. This is true not only for websites but also for mobile applications. Drupal can easily handle high traffic and requests. Check our recent blog post on how to enhance Drupal performance.
  3. Thoughtful Content Distribution. With Drupal, you can manage and update website content from a backend and it will be populated across all available channels, including mobile applications, websites, etc.
  4. API-first approach. Drupal offers a powerful and robust API-first approach to development which means that your mobile application or website can easily integrate and exchange data with third-party services. What’s more, it helps to synchronize any activities across platforms with a single button.
  5. Modular structure. Due to its modular structure, Drupal is a perfect solution for any growing business and mobile app development, as its modular structure leverages Drupal's extensibility to deliver custom solutions.
  6. Mobile-first approach. Out-of-the-box, Drupal is a mobile-first CMS with its core and modules designed specifically for mobile usage. Thus, all mobile applications built with Drupal offer a responsive design & smooth functionality for end-users.

What is Decoupled Drupal and How it Can Benefit Mobile App Development

A decade ago, Drupal websites, as well as other CMSs or frameworks, were built from the monolithic, or ‘coupled’ architecture. Such platforms lacked flexibility & scalability and were not prepared for future growth. In headless or decoupled Drupal, the frontend (presentation) layer is separated from its backend (data source). As a result, when building a headless Drupal website, developers get unlimited flexibility that allows them to create unique business experiences for various channels (mobile, tablet, PC, etc.). In other words, you get a tailored digital solution that adapts seamlessly to any touchpoint while providing a consistent and user-friendly experience for all your visitors across multiple platforms.


Decoupled Drupal is not a trend. It is a strategic approach that empowers your online business for further growth, as well as guarantees that you can stand out from the rest of your competitors on the digital landscape. If you are considering a powerful content management system for your next mobile app project, note that headless Drupal is a highly customizable and versatile solution that will definitely benefit your business.

Whether you need to develop a mobile application with Drupal from scratch or convert your existing Drupal site to an app, the Drupfan specialists are equipped with the skills and experience to make your vision a reality. Contact Drupfan today to get the query on your specific requests and requirements and get aligned on the timeline and pricing.