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Top 10 World-Known Drupal Websites

Although Drupal is less famous than WordPress, the content management system has many attractive features that make using the system even more enjoyable.
Drupal is preferred by many world-renowned companies, bloggers, educational institutions, e-commerce platforms, and others due to its scalability, flexibility, and customization capabilities. Today, the Drupfan agency looks closely at the top 10 world-known websites on Drupal.


How to tell if a site Is built in Drupal?

Are you still wondering if this site is Drupal and how to find out? There's good news: you don't have to be a Drupal developer for hire to do it. You can easily recognize a Drupal website using the following approaches.

  • Check the websites source code

All you need to do is open a website and click the right mouse button. It will open a pop-up menu. Select the “View page source” option. Then, open the search tab by pressing Ctrl+F (for Windows) or Command+F (for MAC) and fill in the word “Drupal.” If the website is on Drupal, the search item will be highlighted in its code.

  • Perform a registration

Some URL patterns on the registration page are common for Drupal websites. Just check if there is anything like /user/, user/password, or user/register. If the answer is yes, your website is powered by Drupal.

  • Use free tools

Using free online tools such as and, you can find out what CMS your website is built on within seconds. Enter the URL into the search bar, press enter, and you'll see what technology the developers used.

Why Are Websites Choosing Drupal?

Various authorities widely use the Drupal CMS, companies, blog sites, governmental agencies, news channels, etc. Let’s discover who uses Drupal most often, along with some website categories it can definitely add some magic to:


Drupal eCommerce Websites

Drupal is known for its extended flexibility and opportunity to drive e-commerce websites. Combining multiple modules with an intuitive design makes it easier for businesses and their customers to do business together. Drupal CMS supports polls, forums, video upload, commenting, and event calendars and allows for saving money due to the absence of licensing costs.


Drupal Corporate Websites

Drupal is free to download and use. Also, it provides some customizing and modifying options and delivers advanced security, making this CMS extremely popular for creating corporate websites. Instead of proprietary code, PHP libraries simplify your corporate website's development, fixing, and optimization.


Drupal Blog Websites

With Drupal, you can make your blog look like an advanced news channel. It’s up to you to decide what your subscribers will see first. Due to personalization features, you may arrange your content the way you like and easily integrate Drupal sites with your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social webs.