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The Role of Drupal in eCommerce


Online shopping gained acknowledged popularity years and years ago but it has experienced its second birth during the COVID-19 lockdown. Although many businesses, especially small ones, had already moved towards digitalization, the pandemic has hastened this conversion even more, creating a new world for online commerce.

While looking for the most reliable digital solution, many businesses opt for the Drupal content management system (CMS). Today, Drupfan digital agency explains how Drupal can benefit your eCommerce store and why it is the most reliable solution for online businesses. Keep reading!


What is Drupal Commerce?

Drupal Commerce is a module from which tends to be a customizable and powerful software solution for online store development. Out of the box, it provides a set of all necessary functionality for a successful eCommerce platform development and covers commerce essentials, such as product categories & catalogs, shopping cart, product management, shipping methods, taxes calculations, sales reports, Google integrations, translations, etc.

What makes this module perfect is that it perfectly matches Drupal's framework which allows for the combination of eCommerce functionality with content part of your platform, f.e blog posts.


5 Key Benefits of Drupal for eCommerce

Here, Drupfan web developers explain why Drupal is the best choice for eCommerce development.

  • Drupal possesses an advanced level of security

In any business, the stakes are high when it comes to data security. Drupal is the most secure content management system available on the digital market today. It is crucial to keep users’ data guarded against cyber attacks and malicious code injections. Thanks to regular security updates made by the Drupal community who are constantly monitoring code vulnerabilities, the risk of hacker attacks scales down gradually.

  • Drupal has a multilingual feature

Globalize and represent your business worldwide with Drupal’s multilingual capability. Right away, this CMS supports 100+ languages. Nice bonus: this CMS supports multi-currency as well, which makes it possible to show products’ prices in the respective local currency.

  • Drupal commerce offers easy third-party integrations

Drupal Commerce, thanks to its powerful API support, allows seamless third-party systems integrations, including payment systems (f.e. PayPal, Amazon Pay, Stripe, 2checkout, etc.), analytics tools (f.e. Google), shipping methods, and more.

Third-party integrations not only enhance Drupal functionality but also provide valuable insights for the development of personalized content & offers after the overall analysis of users’ behavior. With more personalized content, more customers engage with your brand and customers’ loyalty grows while sales skyrocket.

  • Drupal has a responsive design 

In the modern digital world, responsiveness is key to the success of online business. Responsive design is a design that adjusts its elements and views to any device and fits different screen sizes perfectly. This ensures advanced usability and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Famous for its built-in mobile-first capabilities within website development, Drupal looks and functions properly on any device from mobiles to desktops. Flexible grid systems adapt to any screen size perfectly. What’s more, the majority of Drupal themes are responsive out of the box or optimized for being such by the community.

  • Drupal is SEO-friendly

What can be more important for organic traffic growth and enhanced website visibility among potential customers than a successful SEO (search engine optimization) campaign? Luckily, Drupal is an SEO-friendly CMS and also possesses many modules for SEO boost.

What makes Drupal an SEO-oriented content management system? First of all, it allows for meta tags, meta descriptions, and keywords management that helps search engines, such as Google, understand a website’s content better. Besides, Drupal offers a seamless creation of the XML Sitemap that helps search engines crawl and index the site. Last but not least, its modules assist with page loading speed optimization which is also highly preferred by search engines.


Let Drupfan Specialist Create a Leads-Generating Online Store For You!

The scalability and flexibility of Drupal for eCommerce development is clear. It allows for the creation of a personalized, stable, and robust online store that looks and functions well across multiple devices worldwide.

Whether you need to migrate your existing online store from another CMS to Drupal or build an eCommerce website from scratch, the Drupfan web developers are available to build a top-notch Drupal eCommerce site just for your needs. We also offer Drupal support and maintenance services to keep your online store robust, fast, and available for your clients 24/7.

Contact the Drupfan web development team today and get a sales-generating online business platform!