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Email Marketing Tools Available for Drupal 10

Email marketing is an integral part of a successful business strategy. It is a proven way to reach your audience and notify them of the latest products, sales, business-related information, and more. Whether your goal is growing brand awareness or boosting sales, email marketing remains one of the most effective and time-saving tools.

Did you know that the email application can be directly integrated into your Drupal website? Today, the development team at Drupfan explores the integration of email marketing tools with Drupal 10.

5 Most Popular Email Marketing Tools for Drupal 10

Let's review the most popular and easy-to-use platforms for email integration that are available for Drupal 10.


Mailchimp is the most popular email delivery service available on the market today. And it can be easily integrated into your Drupal site!

Email Marketing Tools Available for Drupal 10

Thanks to its pre-made templates and capacity for customization, Mailchimp can cover all email needs for multiple industries. Besides the functionality for email creation and sending, Mailchimp offers detailed email analytics.

To integrate Mailchimp with Drupal 10, use the Mailchimp module from This module is the most maintained module among email systems in the Drupal community.

Subscription: Mailchimp offers a diversity of service plans including a free one. Paid subscriptions start at $6.50/mo to $175/mo for premium account.


SendGrid is a cloud-based system for email marketing campaigns that focuses on transactional and marketing email sending. Combining with Drupal, SendGrid offers quality and flexibility in email sending.

For Drupal 10 integration, use the SendGrid Integration module available at

Subscription: To use this service, you need to buy a subscription, however, SendGrid allows sending up to 100 emails per day for free. Paid subscriptions start at $19.95/mo. 


Mailgun is an email delivery service that is responsible for sending, tracking, and optimizing email at no effort. Besides, this tool is perfect for email personalization and offers a validation system to not waste time and money on sending emails to addresses that don’t exist.

The Mailgun module provides a smooth Drupal 10 integration.

Subscription: Mailgun subscription plans start at $35/mo. This service also offers custom pricing tailored just for your business needs and requirements.


ActiveCampaign is a perfect tool for email automation that guarantees high-quality leads and increased customer satisfaction rates. Suitable for cross-industry businesses of any size and complexity, ActiveCampaign offers access to 500+ pre-built automation that includes email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, and machine learning.

The ActiveCampaign Drupal module for smooth integration.

Subscription: Pricing starts at $29/mo.


Moosend is a simple cloud-based email marketing tool with a robust capacity for managing multiple email campaigns and mailing lists. It has an intuitive drag-and-drop newsletter editor and functionalities for A/B content or subject line testing.

This integration is available for Drupal via the Moosend: Email Marketing Software module.

Subscription: Moosend offers a 30-day free trial and its pro subscription is $9/mo.

Final Thoughts

The digital landscape for email marketing services is diverse, however, we tried to highlight the most prominent of them. Each tool has a unique set of features and functionalities tailored for specific email campaigns, audiences, and needs.

Thanks to seamless third-party integration capacity, Drupal can easily support email marketing services. Contact Drupfan digital agency today to configure an email marketing tool on your Drupal website.