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Drupal Modules for ChatGPT Integration

ChatGPT has been on everyone’s lips since its release which is no wonder as ChatGPT along with other Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools has completely changed our attitude towards technology and communication. AI services have revolutionized the way we process information and the digital world will never be the same.

But have you known that ChatGPT can be integrated into your Drupal website? Buckle your seatbelts and dive into the enormous world of artificial intelligence with Drupfan web developers to discover how to boost the efficiency of your Drupal website by integrating ChatGPT.

What is ChatPGT?

ChatGPT is an AI-powered language model developed by OpenAI that can interact with users in a conversational way. This tool can assist users in numerous tasks, including but not limited to answering questions, generating content, doing math tasks, and even writing code in a flash!

Drupal Modules for ChatGPT Integration

Why Integrate ChatGPT with Drupal?


Drupal, as a content management system (CMS), and ChatGPT, as a language model powered by AI, become more powerful together and complement each other. By integrating this AI tool into your website, you can deal with routine tasks more efficiently. What can ChatPGT do for your Drupal website? The list is long: create content strategies and content plans, generate content itself, translate it into various languages for users all over the globe, collect feedback, and more. But the most stunning thing is that ChatGPT can serve as a 24/7 virtual assistant (or to put it simply —  chatbot) for your visitors and guide them through your processes and services. Isn’t it a giant evolution in customer support? The potential of AI for CMSs is huge.

Drupal Modules for ChatGPT Integration


The Drupal community was one of the first communities that released ChatGPT integration tools. As Dries Buytaert (Drupal fonder) mentioned in the article 'Artificial Intelligence, the future of Content Management and the Web' in his blog, ChatGPT's APIs make the integration process clear and straightforward. He also predicts that next year, every content management system will offer Artificial Intelligence features for creating and managing content.

Thus, besides being a powerful tool by itself, ChatGPT is open for integrations out-of-the-box, enhancing user experience and saving loads of time which is highly valuable in our fast-paced reality. Such adaptability can definitely leverage capacities across industries in ways previously thought impossible.

Take a closer look at some of the most popular Drupal modules for ChatGPT integration available so far. Note that this area is still growing and updating.


OpenAI / ChatGPT / AI Search Integration Drupal Module

OpenAI / ChatGPT / AI Search Integration Drupal Module or simply the OpenAI module is a suit of submodules and an API foundation for Drupal 10 ⇿ OpenAI integration. It is capable of generating text content and images, analyzing content, and more.

The list of included submodules:

  • openai_api: content generation for any content type.
  • openai_audio: interaction with the OpenAI speech-to-text feature.
  • openai_chatgpt: interaction with the ChatGPT.
  • openai_ckeditor: offers a button within CKEditor 5 for sending a prompt to OpenAI and receiving generated text back.
  • openai_content: provides features for the content editing process (changing the tone of the content, summarizing text, offering taxonomy terms for nodes, and checking content for Moderation compliance).
  • openai_devel: provides GPT content generate capability to Devel Generate.
  • openai_dblog: analyzes logs and suggests potential solutions for error logs.
  • openai_prompt: adds capability for asking prompts.
  • openai_embeddings: generation of text embeddings of content.

ChatGPT Content Assistant Drupal Module


ChatGPT Content Assistant is a simple and lightweight Drupal module that can assist you with such tasks as content generation, content translation, creation of images from text, extraction of SEO keywords from the text, and more.

ChatGPT Augmentor Drupal Module


ChatGPT Augmentor is an add-on to the Augmentor module. It returns AI-generated answers due to the integration with ChatPGT API.

The Future is Here


The impact of ChatPGT on our lives and especially businesses cannot go unnoticed. A successful Drupal website should definitely have ChatGPT integrations in 2024 to stay afloat. Luckily, the powerful Drupal community is constantly building and improving tools for AI integrations. Such fast Drupal’s adaptation showcases its flexibility and scalability which is a good match for any modern business. Contact our team at Drupfan if you need assistance with Drupal ⇿ ChatPGT integration.