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Drupal 10 Security: Tips for Keeping Your Website Safe

The digital world is constantly evolving, and so are digital threats. In 2024, the importance of website security is crucial more than ever and can’t be neglected, especially when it comes to your business’s online presence. 

Today, Drupal open-source content management system (CMS) stays far ahead of its competitors in terms of web security.

In this blog post, Drupfan explores Drupal 10 security capacity and explains tricks on how to enhance security on your Drupal website. Stay tuned.

Drupal security

Key Drupal 10 Security Features

Today, businesses all over the globe choose Drupal because of its advanced level of web security. Since Drupal is an open source CMS, thousands of web developers worldwide contribute to its evolution & security enhancement whenever any small vulnerability in the core or modules is determined. Due to regular security updates and fixes, Drupal became one of the most secure content management systems available. Forget about hacker attacks, as well as malicious code or data leaks on your website with Drupal.

Here, Drupfan specialists align top Drupal security features:

  • Secure user permissions

In Drupal, user permissions are 100% transparent and controllable. Website owners can define, set & manage accesses and permissions of any user roles, as well as anonymous users, just from the admin panel. Defining user roles & their permissions during the website development process ensures that each role possesses enough authority to perform assigned tasks and not more.


  • Two-factor authentication

Drupal 10 has a special module that supports two-factor authentication (2FA) which means that each user’s access will be double-checked during the log in procedure. This extra layer of security is never excessive, especially when it comes to data safety. The process is clear: even if the password of any user is compromised, the potential hacker won’t be able to log in to the website without knowing the second verification code. Thus, Drupal becomes much harder to hack.


  • Regular security updates

The key feature of Drupal 10 security is its regular security updates. All the developer who supports the website needs to do is install the latest version of Drupal core, contrib modules, or server-side applications (such as PHP, MySQL, etc.), and, hurrah, your website remains defended from hacker attacks & malicious code injections. 


  • Secure database

Drupal 10 database is protected against SQL injections because of its special layer of abstraction. This abstraction layer performs as a shield against hacker attacks that ensures that all inputs do not perform malicious commands. As a result, even if a hacker tries to compromise a Drupal database with SQL injection code, the additional abstraction layer neutralizes this input, keeping all the data secure.


Tips to Keep Drupal 10 Website Secure

Now you are aware of the top 4 Drupal security features. Now it’s time to find out more about tips & tricks on how to maximize the security of your Drupal website even more.

  • Use trusted modules only

If you want to expand the functionality of your Drupal website, use only stable and trusted modules from (highlighted in green). Even if the module is located on it doesn't mean that it was checked by the security team yet. What’s more, not all modules possess all features to undergo security testing. Finally, check module-related issues (open & closed) before installing it on your website.


  • Implement HTTPS

HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. It protects confidentiality and encryption between the website and the user's computer. Do not skip this step in enhancing the security of your platform.


  • Do not neglect regular security updates.

As we already mentioned above, Drupal security updates can’t be mistreated. Regularly updated core & modules is a guarantee of accurate website functionality.


  • Hire professional for Drupal website support & maintenance

Any website requires ongoing website support and maintenance services. Drupal support & maintenance is the process of regular checkups that are aimed to keep a website bug-free, secure, and up-to-date. Continuous Drupal support encourages traffic growth and provides a flawless user experience for your clients. Only entrust professionals with Drupal security support.


Keep your Drupal 10 Website Secure

Let’s sum up. Drupal 10 offers advanced security capability out-of-the-box which can be easily enhanced by the implementation of regular security updates and other tricks. Thus, Drupal is a robust choice for your business’s online presence. Don’t let the data leak out of your website: choose Drupal 10 and make security your priority.

Drupfan web agency is in touch to turn your website into a secure fortress. Contact us today if you need to enhance the security of your online business.