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5 Key Points of Drupal Technical SEO


Search engine optimization is a set of tools and techniques aimed at making your website better visible to search engines. Why is this important? If your platform is ranked higher in search results, more users will see and visit it. Think of yourself when searching for necessary information on the net. You probably check out the results displayed on the first search page only. To make your Drupal website liked by search engines and displayed higher in search results, Drupal technical SEO is obligatory.

In this blog post, the Drupfan team explains what technical search engine optimization is and how it can benefit your Drupal website. Stay tuned!

What is SEO in General?

Search engine optimization, or simply SEO, is a toolbox that contains techniques and strategies that are aimed at the increase of website ranking in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). 

What is Technical SEO?

drupal technology and SEO

Technical SEO is a set of activities for website optimization that require some code knowledge and can’t be simply implemented by the website owner. Ordinary SEO might include alt texts, meta titles, tags, land inks descriptions, and can be added by website owners through the Drupal content editor. Technical SEO includes tips and tricks that require technical knowledge, installation and set-up of Drupal SEO modules, website’s back-end, and more.

Why Do I Need Technical SEO for My Drupal Website?

Understanding and implementing the best technical SEO practices on your Drupal website will not only make your site rank higher in Google or other search engines but also bring you more organic traffic and boost conversions.

5 Tips for Drupal Technical SEO Growth

There are a lot of points that matter for Drupal technical SEO. However, Drupfan analyzes only the top tips and tricks for boosting your website’s search engine optimization, so you are aware of where to start.

Here’s a checklist of Drupal technical SEO points for your attention:

  1. Validate SSL certificate

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital certificate that is used for encrypting connections, verifying the website's identity, and keeping users’ data private. SSL certificate enables HTTPS connection which is more secure than HTTP.

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol is a sign for search engines, such as Google, that the data exchange between the website and the browser is safe and private. Thus, search engines rank websites with SSL certificates higher. Keep in mind that the SSL certificate should always be valid: don’t forget to update it when necessary.

  1. Create the Robots.txt file

The Robots.txt file is a file that includes detailed instructions used by search engines on how to crawl pages on your Drupal website as well as prevent the crawling and indexing of certain pages.

  1. Create XML Sitemap of your Drupal website

XML Sitemap is a list of links to the key web pages on your website and the relationships between them. With the help of XML Sitemap, search engines can navigate your website easier, as well as learn what the website’s content is about, become aware of any updates, and index the web pages.

  1. Optimize web page loading speed

Website loading speed is another factor taken into consideration by search engines when ranking a site in SERP. Besides being displayed on the top positions in search results, high website performance is a guarantee that users will stay on your platform longer and return there again.

You can check your website’s speed on PageSpeed Insights. This tool also provides recommendations on how to improve your website’s performance.

  1. Develop your Drupal website with a mobile-first approach

Google loves responsive websites. Responsiveness is a website’s ability to look and function perfectly on any device and screen size. Google has been using mobile-first indexing for a couple of years now: this means that websites are ranked on behalf of their mobile content.

Luckily, Drupal is a mobile-friendly content management system out of the box and requires only some styling updates to be responsive.

Some other tips for technical search engine optimization would be the lamination of duplicates, compression of HTML code, setting of canonical web pages, fixing of broken links and redirects, and more. Luckily, Drupal possesses some perfect tools that simplify this process and make them automated. Entrust the Drupfan specialists with a technical SEO for your Drupal website and see how your conversions grow.

It’s Time to Be Ranked Higher in Google!

If you want to improve your Drupal search engine rankings and grow organic traffic, technical SEO is a must. Drupfan is here to deliver proven Drupal technical SEO improvements to your website. Contact us today and bring your website’s digital presence to the next level.