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Drupal Outsourcing: Pros and Cons

The fact that you are reading a blog about Drupal outsourcing can only mean one thing: you already know what it is, but you still have some doubts and questions. Our Drupfan team is confident that outsourcing will save you money and bring many benefits. To learn more, keep reading.

Drupal Outsourcing: Pros and Cons

7 Reasons to Outsource Drupal Development

This CMS is one of the safest, most stable, and most flexible web development tools. It allows the implementation of any online product, including commercial ones, for free. In recent years, outsourcing Drupal projects have become increasingly popular. There are several obvious reasons for this:

  1. It takes a long time to become a qualified Drupal specialist. In this case, outsourcing Drupal web development services can save you and your brainchild. 
  2. You don't have a person on your team with that extra knowledge. It doesn't matter. Some people are ready to help. For example, our team!
  3. You have special needs that are not met by ready-made modules. This is where Drupal developers outsource can step in to create something custom for you.
  4. The experts outside your company are always aware of emerging trends and changes you may not have been aware of.
  5. Your project requires additional skills. In this case, the developer may be an expert in different areas. 
  6. Outsource Drupal development can come in handy when you need advice or an outsider's perspective on your site.
  7. The growth of the site affects the need to attract more qualified specialists.

Therefore, the benefits of outsourcing Drupal development are visible to the naked eye.

Offshore Drupal Development Cons

The concept of offshore refers to outsourcing to countries more distant from the company, with a significant difference in time zones. Planning the creation of a product, such as a website, is a time-consuming and multifunctional task. Here it is worth making the right decisions to avoid complicating your life. What are the disadvantages of offshore Drupal development?

  • On the one hand, this is a more cost-effective option. But, at the same time, by reducing the price of their services, the offshore Drupal development company also decreases the quality of work. This factor is essential for your project. 
  • Moreover, such contractors can't guarantee appropriate Drupal support and maintenance. Many providers don't want to work with such companies, which are necessary for the relevant services. 

    So if you're considering this option, ensure that offshore Drupal development is exactly what you need. 

Drupal Outsourcing to India: Pros and Cons

Specialists in the field you need can almost always be found on different continents. In recent decades, many developed countries, including the United States, began to resort to the involvement of Indian IT experts in web development.
Businesses prefer to outsource Drupal development services to India for several reasons. There is one main and most important factor: low payment costs. Getting a specialist in the USA is almost six times more expensive than getting one in that region.
The quality of work can be consistent with the price if you outsource Drupal development to India. Low requests are accompanied by the same quality, more often than not. Customer requirements can be fulfilled in different forms; keep that in mind. Therefore, Drupal outsourcing in India today is perceived differently by potential clients. Some projects require a more professional approach, which is often lacking in this region. And even if you can find the right specialist, you will also pay orphan money for his services.

Drupal Outsourcing to Ukraine: Pros and Cons

The IT sphere is very popular today in Ukraine. Since specialists from this country have long demonstrated their skill and reliability. Moreover, the efficiency of Ukrainian teams exceeds their competitors despite the situation in our country. Therefore, let's consider why Drupal outsourcing Ukraine is worth moving today.


If you need such a service, you can save money and have a large selection of more affordable prices outside its region. You avoid recruiting and onboarding processes. Sometimes it takes a long time to hire Drupal developers. There are already well-coordinated teams in Ukraine that can start working immediately. Moreover, outsourcing provides you with services only when you need them. Working with Ukrainian Drupal outsourcing companies, you entrust the project to professionals. You no longer need to worry about it and devote your precious time to it.


In any case, Drupal development outsourcing in Ukraine has its drawbacks. They are minor, but it is better to mention them. You have a different time zone. On the one side, it isn't good cause you can't get an answer at the same time you send your mail. But on the other side, it depends on the team you work with. Still, there is something to think about.

How Much Does It Cost to Outsource Drupal Development?

The price for outsourcing Drupal also depends on who and where will perform such a process. As mentioned above, if, for example, you choose developers from the US, the cost of work will be higher than, for example, the same specialists from India. But still, remember the quality of performance. In general, Drupal development services have more or less essential financial rewards.

  • Creating a promotional page for a mobile app, for example, will cost about $1000. 
  • A standard company website with sections like "About Us," "Services," "Portfolio," "News," "Blog," and "Contacts" will cost you $3,000-5,000.
  • Drupal can even help you create your own eBay. That is, users will be able to sell and buy goods. In that case, the Drupal outsourcing cost will start at $13,000 and more.

Bottom Line

To sum up, whatever one may say, Drupal outsourcing is cool. The advantage of this CMS is that the platform is multilingual and versatile. You can create anything from a simple business card to a powerful e-commerce platform. So today, our Drupfan Drupal development company can work for internal needs and, of course, to help external contractors. Outsourcing such a service is quite popular. Let's see what this direction will expect soon.