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Low-code Development

Why Choose Low-Code Solutions for Your Next Web Development Project?

In the ever-evolving digital environment, speed and efficiency in website development came into play, as businesses are required to establish their online presence as fast as possible to stand out from the rest of the competitors on the market. Thus, low-code solutions for web development became a real game-changer. Low-code platforms, such as Shopify and Wix, allow business owners to get a website or application with minimal effort and within a reduced budget & time.

Low-code development is used across industries from educational to healthcare platforms. It is a perfect match for small and medium-sized projects. Some well-known brands that chose low-code solutions for their platforms are GymShark, Kylie’s official website, Animal Music, and more.

Low-code platforms, thanks to their drag-and-drop interfaces, allow you to get a high-performing and robust website with minimal manual coding. At Drupfan, we offer low-code solutions services with Shopify, Wix, and others, tailored to your specific business needs and requirements.

Check out 3 reasons why you should opt for low-code digital solutions for your project:

Low-code platforms reduce the cost of a web development project

As far as low-code solutions require minimal manual coding, businesses significantly save their budget by opting for low-code website development.

Websites built with low-code solutions are more stable

Low-code websites contain less extensive coding which means that their components and functionality are more stable and require limited support and maintenance services.

Low-code website development is time-saving

Low-code solutions reduce the time necessary for web development compared with traditional web development. This allows website owners to rapidly respond to the changing market demands.