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Why Choose Laravel for Your Next Web Development Project?

Laravel is an open-source PHP-based framework with a rich set of features and functionality that was released in 2011. Laravel is a perfect solution if you need a simple tool for a small or medium-sized project. Whether you need to build a landing page or web application, Laravel provides unlimited tech possibilities that simplify the development process. 

To throw in some numbers, Laravel powers more than 650,000 active websites around the globe and this number is growing. Some examples of famous companies using Laravel for website development are Alison online courses, INVICTA Watch, Barchart, World Walking, and more.

Let’s look at a few advantages of the Laravel framework for business owners:

Out of the box Laravel security

Laravel offers advanced built-in security measures and features against injection attacks. This framework has a special encryption mechanism that protects your site or web application from unauthorized access.

Laravel boosts web performance

Laravel’s memory management and caching processes are increased in speed which boosts the performance of your website or web application.

Laravel offers easy third-party integrations

Laravel easily integrates with 3rd-party payment systems (PayPal, Stripe), shipping methods, marketing automation tools, and more.

Laravel simplifies database migration

Making changes in the database might cause some mess. Due to the in-built database migration mechanism and fast database syncing in the Laravel framework, the database migration can be managed without fuss while keeping the highest level of web security.

Laravel is multilingual

As a website owner, you might want to reach a broader audience across the globe. This is possible due to Laravel’s multilingual capability which allows you to make your website available in different languages.

and more!