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Drupal Website Audit & Security

Are you 100% convinced that your website is safe and healthy? Do you think that it’s free from bugs and hacker attacks? Let’s check the security of Drupal platform today!

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Why do I need a Drupal site audit?

You definitely don’t want your business website to get down even for a short time. Drupal security threats can harm a site’s functionality, privacy, performance, and more. A comprehensive Drupal security checkup will uncover all the hidden vulnerabilities. Both automated and human tools should be used for the most reliable results. After the audit, a team of specialists can easily eliminate all issues to make a website up and running again.

Stop worrying about security on Drupal website. Get your fully customized Drupal security service from Drupfan today.

What Drupal versions can you audit?

Drupfan can perform audits for all Drupal versions. Our most common service is Drupal 9 security audit. Note, that we highly recommend migrating the website to D9. However, we also perform audits for older versions to enhance Drupal 7 security or Drupal 8 security.

Steps of the Drupal website audit

  1. Drupfan specialists thoroughly examine a website and look for suspicious code or activity (malicious PHP code, SQL injunctions, changes in Drupal core and modules, cross-site scripting, file disclosure, and more).
  2. We provide a detailed Drupal CMS website audit report and suggest a list of necessary improvements.
  3. If you agree on further cooperation, the Drupfan team implements all necessary updates and fixes to ensure Drupal site security.
Steps of the Drupal website audit

Enhance Drupal security

The most common security holes in Drupal are happening when a website owner is neglecting the core and module updates. Drupal core security protects the platform from site crashing, hacker attacks, leaks of confidential information, and viruses. It’s a friendly reminder to always install and configure Drupal security modules. Or you can always hire the Drupfan team for professional security services. We’ll ensure that all updates are installed, backups made, two-factor authentication (2FA) set up, etc.

Order Drupal security audit today

Now when you see how crucial Drupal CMS security is, it is time to perform an audit on your website. During the Drupal security audit, our team will do its best to mitigate all safety risks and threats. Make your website a safe place!

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