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Drupal VS Sitecore: What Is the Difference?

What if you had to choose drupal vs sitecore? Evidently, both are outstanding as a content storage of a website, which leaves digital organizations unsure of which one is the greatest.  Here is a brief comparison of some of the most significant changes between the two systems. Let’s compare all pros and cons to help you make the right decision.

Drupal vs Sitecore

Sitecore vs Drupal Pros and Cons

It would be clearer who prevails: sitecore vs drupal once we compare them side by side in multiple aspects.

Sitecore prosDrupal pros
1. Marketing automation tools out-of-the-box1. Comes out-of-the-box with modules and integrations
2. Flexible content personalization2. Custom workflows designed for both personal use and content teams
3. Highly secure3. Security-focused CMS
4. Natively governs the multilingual content and the translation workflow4. Seamless and complex integrations are a core feature
5. Contains multisite feature5. Maintained by a community
6. Responsive design out-of-the-box6. Out-of-the-box language handling (supports 90+ languages natively)
7. Sitecore originated as a headless CMS7. Has default accessibility support
-8. Native multisite feature
-9. Responsive resolution by default
-10. Decoupled approach


Sitecore vs drupal 8 comparison shows that sitecore’s content personalization and marketing automation tools make it the go-to choice for organizations, however Drupal content management tools and experience exceed Sitecore’s current offerings.

At this point of drupal vs sitecore comparison contrast highlight it is obvious that Drupal has more useful features. Let’s have a glance at sitecore cms vs drupal disadvantages to get a clearer picture.

Sitecore prosDrupal pros
1. High site speed is possible only due to large hosting infrastructure1. Performance is a constant issue
2. Closed-source CMS with hefty licensing fees2. Knowledge of at least PHP, Symfony, Twig, and YAML is essential
3. Doesn’t come out-of-the-box with modules enabled3. Major updates can be an effort
4. Complicate contracts and pricing - unclear feature strategy4. For large websites, contributed module compatibility can be an issue
5. Lacks proper accessibility support-
6. Relatively complex deployment-


Performance and scalability constant question is a common sitecore drupal peculiarity that is a major disadvantage both possess, though the pros easily cover them.

Drupal vs Sitecore: Which Is the Best CMS for Your Business?

Let’s examine how market share presents the difference between drupal and sitecore.

According to W3Techs data, Drupal has a larger market share than Sitecore.

Drupal 7 vs sitecore comparison shows that the open-source drupal for e-commerce suite of modules provides a great foundation for businesses who need to build up an e-commerce site. For businesses looking for a system with smooth and complex integrations, Drupal is a great option.

Drupal is open source, you may download it for nothing, unlike Sitecore, which has license fees and is quite expensive. Drupal is supported by a community of volunteers and contributors, and it already has a ton of modules and integrations.

Drupal 8 vs sitecore  contrast indicates that Drupal outperforms Sitecore when it comes to making judgments about company expenses and effective CMS for the digital business.

Differentiation sitecore vs drupal cms indicates sitecore as a perfect platform for businesses who take content personalisation and marketing seriously as it provides some of the most powerful marketing automation technologies.

Making a conclusion after carefully considering this analysis in light of your organization's requirements is crucial.

Sitecore to Drupal Migration: What You Need to Know?

Sitecore to drupal migration is performed in 3 main steps:

1. Content Migration

Content types, taxonomies, images and other content is moved to a new CMS first of all.

2. Content Migration with Extensions

This package includes the default content with extensions. Any extensions' data is migrated. 

3.  Complete Migration (Content, Extensions, Theme)

Templates (layout, style, navigation, sidebars, widgets etc.) are migrated at this point.

The quote for the drupal to sitecore migration depends on the main factors:

  • how much content and modules are present on the site
  • number of custom modules installed
  • 3rd party integrations and their compatibility with new CMS

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